What is my streaming username?
On Icecast servers, the username for source connections is usually “source”. Even though your Centova panel reads “(none)” under Username, make sure you are entering “source” if your encoder requires it to be filled in (most default to source if left blank).

My Icecast server looks different from another I’ve used before?
As part of our continued innovation, we use our own version of Icecast with special improvements for our services. Don’t worry though – it should still function the same, with our added enhancements!

How can I login to my Icecast administrator panel?
To login to the admin console of Icecast you need to use the username ‘admin’ together with the password of your Centova Cast account.

My stream name says *MyUsername* Stream and not what I want it to say. How do I fix this?
You need to change is the “Mount point name”. In order to do this, follow these steps:
* Log into Centova Cast.
* Click “Settings”, and then the “Mount Points” tab.
* Select the mount point you want to change. If you haven’t made any changes to your settings, there’ll be only one, called /stream.
* Click the “AutoDJ Settings” tab. You should see a box to enter the “Mount point name”.
* Change the Mount point name to whatever you’d like, then click Update and restart your server.

Can I block IP addresses in Icecast?
Unfortunately, blocking IP addresses can be a difficult process using the Icecast software. There is no easy solution to achieve this and blocking addresses is not an effective method of stopping stream-rippers. Therefore, we do not currently allow IP address blocking.

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