My server says it needs an update?
You may need to restart your server for the update to apply. All of our servers run on SHOUTcast 2.5. All new updates are tested by our team to ensure your station stays on air should there be a bug in any new release, that’s why updates might be rolled out with some delay.

We have also decided not to roll out SHOUTcast 2.6 as it puts existing features behind a paywall, for this reason we have decided to stay on 2.5 and change our official advice to choose Icecast instead of SHOUTcast.

Why does my stream say that it is private?
Private on SHOUTcast doesn’t mean nobody can tune in. Private means the server is not listed on If you wish to change that see How can I get listed on the SHOUTcast directory?

Can I access my SHOUTcast server’s Administrator Summary?
Of course! To access your SHOUTcast server’s admin section, please log in into Centova Cast, click on ‘Admin’ in the left navigation bar. If you don’t directly get a login prompt press on “Server Admin”.

How do I ban an IP?
This is done via your SHOUTcast admin section, which you can log into by following the steps above. Simply select Ban List from the options at the top of the page, and then enter the IP address into the “Ban a Single IP” box, and then click on “Ban Single IP”.

Why does my server say SHOUTcast v1?
If you have ordered SHOUTcast v2 (v1 is not being sold anymore) and under Quick Links you see v1 you still have v2. The reason you see v1 thee is because most connections you connect to the AutoDJ so it can shut itself down when you are live. The AutoDJ doesn’t support the SHOUTcast v2 protocol. That is why you will see v1 there.

Can I have SHOUTcast v1?
SHOUTcast v1 has not been updated for over 11 years and no further updates will be released. The software contains many bugs and serious security vulnerabilities. Therefore, we do not support SHOUTcast V1 servers. no longer support SHOUTcast v1 on their directory. Many popular browsers also no longer support streaming audio via SHOUTcast V1 servers.

My stream name says *MyUsername* Stream and not what I want it to say. How do I fix this?
You need to change is the “Mount point name”. In order to do this, follow these steps:
* Log into Centova Cast.
* Click “Settings”, and then the “Mount Points” tab.
* Select the mount point you want to change. If you haven’t made any changes to your settings, there’ll be only one, called /stream.
* Click the “AutoDJ Settings” tab. You should see a box to enter the “Mount point name”.
* Change the Mount point name to whatever you’d like, then click Update and restart your server.

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